The NPR Curious Listeners Guide to Classical Music

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  1. 50 Great Books About Classical Music – About Great Books
  2. The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Classical Music by Tim Smith (2002, Paperback)
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Budding music entrepreneurs can benefit from reading the real-life success tips given by veteran mentor Angela Myles Beeching in Beyond Talent. Unlike most books about classical music, this page guide examines the careers of composers and musicians only to help readers jumpstart their own. Beeching lays out step-by-step instructions for promoting, networking, auditioning, and performing your way to the limelight.

50 Great Books About Classical Music – About Great Books

Dubal goes beyond traditional canons to introduce little-known works by greats like Haydn, Mozart, and Brahms. The uncommon collection nurtures new master listeners for the deteriorating genre. Perfect for children from second grade up, Why Beethoven Threw the Stew is an entertaining read that brings the biographical portraits of six notable composers to life.

Cellist Steven Isserlis offers witty descriptions of the bristly Brahms, shy Schumann, mischievous Mozart, and more. Beautiful illustrations truly exhibit the unique personality of each composer.

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Historian Tim Blanning travels spectacular distances past most books about classical music by showing musical triumphs from Plato to Elton John. Readers are taught how music progressed from lowly peasant status to supremacy centuries later. Raised in Bohemia, Mahler pursued his musical gifts at the Vienna Conservatory. By , he became conductor of the Vienna Court Opera to perform the stage works of Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

This illustrated guide highlights noteworthy events in the classical music genre over one year.

Ear-pleasing masterpieces are often the target for books about classical music. From symphonies to operettas and ballets, Classical Music Insights provides a commendable overview of renowned compositions.

Whether listening to Mozart, Elvis, or Madonna, Copland argues that people miss valuable aspects of music. Therefore, the composer teaches novices to detect the melody, rhythm, harmony, and tone color for hearing everything conveyed in song. Then, the chapters drum up advocates by affirming the value of classical music and disproving centuries-old prejudices. Also consider checking out her other book, Operatic Insights. Offering hundreds of recordings, the book informs new listeners about the essential symphonies, concertos, operas, and chamber pieces for any CD collection.

South African musicologist Peter Van der Merwe published Roots of the Classical to trace how the origins of Western popular and classical music are interlinked. Readers begin viewing the development of classical music in a different light with Oriental and African influences. From the Middle Ages to the 20th century, Van der Merwe explores the evolution of classical tonality in terms of modes, scales, and harmonies. Well, Sounds and Sweet Airs can change that. This engrossing read shares the stories of prolific female virtuosos who have been dismissed in musical history.

British author Anna Beer delves into the unique motivations and struggles faced by women in classical music. John Williams is arguably one of the most accomplished composers in cinematic history. This simple, page book combines articles written for the esteemed World Book: Organized Knowledge in Story and Picture.

Essays are combined to portray the lives and masterpiece works of 30 classical composers, including Handel, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, and Bach. Available in physical or Kindle edition, the book gives readers a starting point for their journey into classical music.

From Enlightenment-era Bonn to Vienna, audiences traverse the career of Ludwig van Beethoven and his most iconic music. As the National Book Award winner, The Classical Style focuses on the lives and compositions of the three prodigies who forever changed music with the Viennese School. Vienna Larry Evans. Shostakovich's Preludes and Fugues.

The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Classical Music by Tim Smith (2002, Paperback)

Mark Mazullo. The Pianist's Craft. Richard Paul Anderson. Who Knew? Robert A. George Alexander Fischer. Russell Kuhtz. Ivan March. David Blum. Notes from the Pianist's Bench. Boris Berman. Five Centuries of Keyboard Music. John Gillespie. Gareth Malone. Discovering Classical Music: Dvorak. Ian Christians. Ticket to the Opera. Darren Henley. The Classical Music Map of Britain.

Richard Fawkes. Discover Chamber Music. Jeremy Siepmann.

Flamenco, As Digested by a Classical Musician

Beethoven's Piano Music. Victor Lederer. Performing Music in the Age of Recording. Robert Philip. Three Questions for Sixty-Five Composers. The Tactician's Handbook. Victor Charushin.

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George P. Opera Coaching. Alan Montgomery. Guide to Chamber Music. Melvin Berger. Orchestral "Pops" Music. Lucy Manning. Notes for Flutists. Kyle Dzapo. Johann Sebastian Bach. Konrad Dryden. Introducing Wagner. Michael White. Terence O'Grady. Fanfares and Finesse. Elisa Koehler. Arnold Schoenberg's Journey. Allen Shawn.

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The Collected Writings of Franz Liszt. Janita R. Neoclassical Music in America. James Tobin. The Cambridge Companion to Conducting. Barry Millington. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter. On the originated pathogens which agree the urban and Psychiatric Thousands of Russia.

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