Security Design Consulting: The Business of Security System Design

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  1. Integrated Security Systems Design
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  3. Security design services from people who know global security.

Acquire solid recommendations for improving protection against terrorism, workplace violence, street crime, and other threats. Participation in a three-day case study—and an off-site security site visit— allow you to immediately apply new information and understanding. Off-site Tour Assess and analyze security systems and operations using knowledge gained in the classroom during an exclusive, customized behind-the-scenes tour.

Integrated Security Systems Design

Location to be announced. Practical Exercise Learn how to integrate design and security systems. Create your own architectural and engineering design solutions based on a multi-story facility design practicum. Designing to Resist Terrorist Attacks Develop a basic understanding of how to cost-effectively approach the protection of your people and critical infrastructure.

Learn how to evaluate the level of risk from terrorist attacks and the consequences.

Security Design Consulting

Overview of Security Countermeasures and Their Selection Examine how security countermeasures are derived from functional security design requirements. Learn how to build a layered security solution. Better understand security technology systems and their role in facility design and operation. The Security Design Process Learn to interface successfully with the design process by applying sound engineering analysis, project management skills, CPTED, and proven architectural security techniques.

Develop a responsive design project on time and within budget. Design Team Interfaces Explore the roles and responsibilities of key members.

Security Design Consulting The Business of Security System Design

Discuss techniques that ensure effective communication and coordination between team members and the various design disciplines and how to introduce requirements at the appropriate times. Functional Requirements and Conceptual Design Learn how the designer establishes security requirements and the desired level of protection. There is a lot of room there for serious mistakes by a well-meaning contractor. Many security system contracting problems are the result of incomplete or wrong specifications.

With possibly very few exceptions, most integrators I have met sincerely want to do well for their clients. It is the designer's job to provide the integrator with enough information to do well. To the extent that drawings and specifications are incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading, the contractor can make unintended errors that will be costly and aggravating to the installer, the integrator for whom he or she works, and most certainly the system's owner.

Author: Thomas L. Specifications should include a description of what the project entails; descriptions of the whole integrated system and each subsystem; a description of the services the contractor will provide; and a list of acceptable products and acceptable installation, testing, acceptance, training, and warranty practices. Different specification formats prevail in different areas of the world, and occasionally these may change as building code authorities evolve in their preferences. This will all be covered in detail in Chapter Specifying the correct products for the job can result in a wonderful system that can easily exceed the owner's expectations. The wrong products can leave the owner upset with the installer, the manufacturer, and the designer. Here is where the designer has to have free reign to do what is in the best interest of the client.

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To the extent that the designer is placed under pressure to specify one brand or another due to market forces, I assure you that the owner will suffer. If the owner suffers, everyone suffers. The operator suffers, the maintenance tech suffers, the integrator who has to listen to an unhappy client suffers, the manufacturer suffers, and the industry suffers. Countless manufacturers and integrators have lost repeat work and lost client referrals due to expediencies in product selection. Respect the client's interests in product selections. Have a pure heart on this.

You will enjoy a strong reputation among your clients, peers, and competitors.

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Your professional reputation is one of your most valuable assets, and at all times it is in your own hands. The future is yours to build or to ruin.

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This is where enterprise and integrated security systems make it or break it. Some designers are especially adroit at coordinating the interfaces of related systems. Their interfaces work beyond all expectations and their clients are extremely satisfied. Learn this skill and you will master a career. Chapter 14 focuses on this art. Read it thoroughly and you will be well respected by your peers. These higher skills mark the difference between journeyman and master designers. Our design incorporated the existing satellite throughput and required no additional power investment.

This was done with off-the-shelf equipment simply by using an existing SCADA system and programmable logic controller to do alarm processing instead of adding a separate alarm system and by manipulating the video data packet size and system operation so that only one camera was ever on the satellite at one time to limit video throughput. We also designed custom software that sequenced one frame of video at a time across the satellite link in order to prevent contention between the cameras or trying to stuff too much data across a too small pipe.

This sort of design expertise makes very happy clients and can be the difference between impossible and doable designs. The designer has to manage the design portion of the project. Design project management is all about delivering a design that meets the client's needs, the integrator's needs, and the client's project manager's needs.

Security design services from people who know global security.

The designer must do all this while working on other projects; he or she must provide the project deliverables on time and complete, and keep all parties happy. If the designer is very busy, on a normal project this can be a nearly unachievable task, like running a marathon while balancing spinning plates on sticks. On some projects, if the client's project manager does not control the restless troops, it is more like running a marathon while balancing spinning plates with one's hair on fire.

A number of things in each project need management.

1st Edition

The PMP process includes the following:. Although it is beyond the scope of this book to teach project management, I will state that it is an essential skill for any engineer. Unless the reader is already professionally trained in project management, I strongly encourage the reader to invest in several books on project management and spend several weeks getting familiar with the principles.

Project management is all about providing structure and planning to what seems to many to be an intuitive process. However, without the necessary structure, project management quickly descends into crisis management and then frequently damage control. Millions of dollars are lost each year by firms that entrust large projects to unqualified project managers.

Your career will flourish if you have the requisite project management skills. One of the most important aspects of project management is design management. One of the secrets to good design management is to keep the process simple and batched. That is, do the work in batches, not strung out over weeks. Accumulate tasks, accumulate coordination information, and then design. Do not spend many hours on a project until the design task is ready. Take endless notes and organize them into design, product selection, coordination with other parties, interdiscipline coordination, and client interfaces.

Then, when all is ready, close the doors, don't take calls, and concentrate on the drawings. Designers who allow the project to pass over them like a wave spend their careers lying sideways in the public trough like there is no tomorrow. It is a fact. There are time bandits on each project. They will ask for endless nuances of revisions and endless questions; they will want information before it can possibly be ready, certainly before their work is ready. Here is the priority:. Throughout the project, keep everyone else on your schedule.

Get the client's project manager to agree on a schedule for your work. Deliver a copy of the schedule to the project manager. Stick to the schedule. Remind others of your schedule when they want it now. There will be those who push you unreasonably for a schedule because they waited too long in the project to hire you. However, you must be thorough in your design and not make rash decisions that are not adequately researched. Remember, if they want it bad, they'll likely get it bad. Everyone will suffer, especially your reputation. All the previous discussion is purely technical. When the client arrives, the spotlight is on you.

It is the best approach to liability avoidance and minimizing business disruption caused by a non-business event. Security By Design has created customized products to address this area. Security By Design can provide aggressive and thoroughly professional management for your security project. We believe the conscientious accomplishment of these studies is essential to initiating the security system design development process. SBD prides itself in the wealth of experience and attention to detail that we bring to the scheduling process of projects.

Often there is very little knowledge of these disparate sites and systems. Only with good building design can the right doors be locked with no life safety exceptions. Toggle navigation. Our services improve safety, control access, and reduce non-business losses. Design Standards reduce overall cost of ownership.