A Dangerous Love (Swanlea Spinsters, Book 1)

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There is also peek-a-boo man nipple on the cover. She was determined to unmask him…. This is book 2 in the Swanlea Spinsters series. Helena Laverick is at her wits end! The only man who can help find her eloping young sister is that scoundrel Daniel Brennan—the man who played with her emotions last year and then left. And he used to be a smuggler!

ISBN 13: 9780380809288

Although Mrs. Nunley's Guide to Etiquette for Young Ladies would never approve, Helena forced to go after the runaway in Daniel's company. But something about being with him feels oddly freeing—and a delicious tingle warns Helena that more than her reputation may be in danger. Daniel finds most of the prim and proper lovely's rules ridiculous—but when she insists on masquerading as his wife for the sake of appearances, he immediately envisions the delights of sharing a bedchamber.

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The unexpected smouldering beneath her straitlaced exterior ignites his desire, and die vulnerability hidden beneath her cool control makes him want her even more. Yet Helena's a lady, and he's the son of a highwayman. How can he ever ask her to share his world? No more peek-a-boo nipple, but he is taking his shirt off in the snow.

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After two London seasons—and a score of resoundingly dull society suitors—Juliet Laverick finds herself longing for one man: Morgan Pryce, the dashing scoundrel who kidnapped her two years ago. But her determination to bring the rogue to justice hasn't waned—until Morgan's twin brother, Sebastian, arrives with some shocking news: Juliet's mysterious paramour has disappeared. About that plantation business—living in the boonies of Thailand afforded Sabrina endless hours to read Jane Austen novels and other classics voraciously.

nefoqohobyko.tk Not surprisingly, back in the States, she went on to earn a doctorate in English literature from Tulane University—and a craving for Cajun food. While Sabrina is at ease with refined academia types, she enjoys using her literary skills to pen novels of romantic fiction. She sold her first book in and has 35 published novels to her credit. Whenever she struggles with a plot point, she shuts off the computer and tackles a jigsaw puzzle, and before long, bingo!

Problem solved. Caffeine addict, Third Culture Kid, chocoholic, and popular novelist with more than six million books in print, Jeffries defies labels.

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Her biting humor and simultaneous warmth endear her to her 10, Facebook fans, Pinterest followers and loyal Goddess blog readers.